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-- (, July 02, 2000


I think I will work with this a bit. If this is the same Senor Greenspun who has put various HTML lessons on the Web, I have taken his course!

Last summer I spent most of my time, life and in living color, working my way through the HTML studies the various principals on the standards committees have put there for our use.

In any case, I am sure I have seen his name used as a reference or footnote.

If he's one of our lurkers, we are great stuff - and having participated in the "opinion" side of many, many chatrooms and opinion sites, you better believe we are.

So, we will continue to use this, keeping it live from time to time, until (WHEN!) the plug is pulled on DB.

-- Billybob 9 (, July 02, 2000.


Yes, that would be the same Mr. Greenspun. To read more about him, and his web activities, see link.

As I mentioned in the thread (or "Hall") titled "The Site", it would be good to have multiple moderators who can monitor the site at various times. Thanks for your interest! If you'd like to volunteer as a moderator, go to "The Site" thread and throw your hat in the ring. I think the regulars need to have some kind of consensus about who they're willing to trust with the Delete Keys.

Personally, I'm hoping none of this becomes necessary, but, I've read enough to fear it might be so.

-- (Benevolent, July 02, 2000.


To get to "The Site" where you can discuss who you want the moderators to be, click on the link "Sound Bytes" at the top of your screen. There you will see all the threads (or "Halls") that I've started, including "The Site". You can add more threads, if you like.

-- (Benevolent, July 02, 2000.

Phillip Greenspun is highly respected in the Web development community.

-- Emily (, July 03, 2000.

pretty cool site anyway

-- nicole (, July 06, 2000.

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