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I would like to put my wifes pictures on cd so she can see them on TV. She does not like to use a computer, I wont to make like photo album on CD's to keep and she can view them on TV. I have a PII333 computer, flate bed scanner, CD-RW, RCA DVD player RC3251Z ( i know i would probale have to get a different DVD player i dont think this one will play VCDs ) i have a scanconverter Averkey 500 that i used to put pictues on VHS buy using slide show, but would like them on a CD for safe keeping and easy editing, and show them on TV would be alot better than showing picture albums to frinds and family, every body could see the TV, were it is hard to show photo albums. I canot belive that any body has not done this or would not wont to do it.

-- Ricky Walker (, July 02, 2000


Ricky, its been done. I spent a few weeks experimenting with VCD/DVD compatible photo cds and I have had a lot of success. A few tips

1.) you will need WinOnCD 3.7 or Videopack 4.0. Search and you'll find a copy. WinOnCd can also make the photo cd cross platform, meaning it will play on a computer too. 2.) keep your picture rez as high as you can for good quality. the software will automatically resize them to the correct format, but if you start from good quality, you'll have a good result. 3.) I've successfully put 1800 photos onto one cd. This is an excellent storage medium for photos. 4.) use correct media. you can check these forums for what people use, but i suggest sony silvers, verbatim, sansung. Any thing silver.

Good Luck


-- Tygrus (, July 02, 2000.

ALSO DO NOT forget that if you find the winon cd 3.7 power edition, to go to the cequadrat site then go to "support' then go to "service paks" and download the service pack for the win on version you have. this will make the photo cd thing actually play on your dvd player. If you do not do this it will play on the PC, but thats it. Just use the password (it will ask) that is in whatever version of the winon you have. also you might not want to type in a real email either.

-- Doug (, July 03, 2000.

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