Epil-Stop? STOPP!

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Jeg se tifeldig vis pe en fjernsynsreklame (TV-Shop pe TV3)der de viste ett ganske besnfrende produkt for herfjerning kalt "Epil-Stop". De sa tilogmed at menn kan benytte det i ansiktet og at det hemmer gjenvekst i opp til 3 meneder.

Jeg tenkte at dette mette vfre for godt til e vfre sant, se jeg tok en titt pe nettet for e se om jeg kunne finne ut noe om det. Jeg me si jeg ble en tanke sjokkert da jeg fant fxlgende artikkel.

Det er mulig produktet har blitt endret siden dette utkom, men tenkte likevel jeg ville si ifra da det muligens er flere enn meg som fant dette tilbudet fristende. Jeg lar det i hvert fall bli med fristelsen!

Vel, her er i hvertfall artikkelen:

Poison Center Warns About Skin Burns From Hair Removal Product!

The California Poison Control System (CPCS) has issued a warning to the public about a product called EPIL-STOP, a depilatory agent used to remove hair from the legs and other parts of the body.

The CPCS staff has received seven calls over the past two weeks from persons who have developed skin burns after exposure to this product, said Kent Olson, MD, medical director of the CPCS San Francisco Division and UCSF clinical professor of medicine, pediatrics and pharmacy.

The burn victims apparently had used the product as directed on the label, with an application time of less than three to five minutes, Olson said. They reported an immediate burning pain, with skin discoloration and blister formation which suggested to CPCS Hotline staff that they had received second-degree chemical burns. One of the victims had persistent skin discoloration and scab formation ten days after the event.

The regional and national offices of the US Food and Drug Administration are investigating the reports and considering a product recall, Olson said. The CPCS advises that anyone who has this product should not use it, should store it safely away from the reach of children and wait for further information about disposal or return of the product.

If exposure has occurred, wash the affected areas immediately with plenty of plain water and seek medical attention if the product has gotten into the eyes, has been swallowed, or if there is pain, swelling or blistering of the skin, Olson said. "According to the manufacturer, EPIL-STOP contains thioglycolic acid salts, emollients and moisturizers, and is supposed to have a pH of 10.0 to 10.2," Olson said, "In fact, one of the victims brought the container into the California Poison Control System center in San Francisco, and we measured a pH of greater than 12." The product that was brought in was in a white plastic jar with an imprint code that appears to read #C250EXP6/99, Olson said.

The product is manufactured in New York and sold by mail order in California by Concepts Fulfillment, Inc. and/or Tactica International in Bell, Calif. The California Poison Control System began operation in January of this year. It is a streamlined statewide system that allows Californians to dial one toll-free number from anywhere in the state which connects to one of four hotline response sites in California: Valley Children's Hospital in Fresno, the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, the UC San Diego Medical Center, or the UCSF-affiliated San Francisco General Hospital. The new system is managed by the UCSF School of Pharmacy.

California residents who need advice in poisoning emergencies can call the 24-hour Hotline number, 1-800-876-4766 (1-800-8-POISON).

-- Tina (tinanor@hotmail.com), July 02, 2000

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