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Who believes in ghosts, and if so what is your theory on them? Oh yeah, one more thing. Who wants to see more pics of Meghan on this page? I sure in the hell do.

-- Michael (I am like Michaelangelo, Dante, or Roseanne, I need no last name) (, July 02, 2000


Michael "I know your last name" the man. Thanks for posting here! I shall now owe you life. And sex. Lots and lots of sex.

I believe in ghosts. Capser rocks. So do the ones in Madtown. But that is an entirely different thread on this forum. Hasta la vista, deary.

Now people: answer him seriously. Just because I bust his chops every ten seconds doesn't mean that y'all have to.

-- Meghan (, July 02, 2000.

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