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i love the song 'Kohoutek' probably my favourite, but what is kohoutek and what does it mean? what is the song about???

-- danel hothersall (daniel.hothersall@virgin.net), July 01, 2000


Gotta love dictionaries. "Kohoutek" is a comet discovered in 1973 that was visible until 1974. Now as for what the song means, I haven't a clue yet. Frankly, until your question (at which time I looked up the lyrics), this was one of the songs that I didn't even understand what the words were, and I just accepted it that way.

-- Amy (AZNovel@aol.com), July 01, 2000.

The thing about the comet Kohutek was that before it was sighted astronmers thought that it would be a great site, and light up the sky. When Kohutek did arrive it was rather ordinary and a big dissapointment. This relates to the line in the song about being gone like Kohutek, which in my opinion means something being built up and like kohutek then going without being as big as first thought.

Hope that helps

Amit B

-- Amit B (amitb84@hotmail.com), July 01, 2000.

Check www.flim.com/remlafaq.html this has notes on every REM song and has a complete explanation for this and almost every one of their songs.

-- Matt p (phelpsyboy@yahoo.co.uk), July 03, 2000.

Since the comet thing a Kohoutek is ameasure of disappointment, like a mile is a measure of distance.

-- Lucy (LucyGeary@hotmail.com), July 09, 2000.

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