Hillary There???

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Hey, Bob or anyone that might know is Hillary Adams working at Lutherhaven theis summer? If see is do you know when? PLease respond to my question!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Veronica Whetstine (jessygirl864@yahoo.com), June 30, 2000


I ment "SHE" insted of see in my question above Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Above (jessygirl864@yahoo.com), June 30, 2000.

I'm sure you've realized by now that Hilary did not come back to camp, but I thought I'd at least respond. She is working in Spokane...I think...and I'm sure Lutherhaven's office would give you her address if you called them. Good luck and God's love! :)k

-- kristin (rockstar@imap 1.asu.edu), September 01, 2000.

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