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Help! I just went to get supplies for the holiday weekend and my old standby FP4 was out. So I was loaned some Plus X but don't have much experience with this. I usually develop in PMK but also use Rodinal and Xtol. Does anybody have some exposure speed advice, etc. Much thanks and have a good 4th.

-- Kevin Kemner (, June 30, 2000

Answers Massive developing chart. Cheers

-- Scott Walton (, June 30, 2000.

Hi Kevin...try for information on all Kodak products. - Dave

-- Dave Richhart (, June 30, 2000.

Kevin: I haven't used Plus-X in a while, but unless the emulsion has changed be sure to use a pre-soak. Plus-X was bad about getting air bubbles without a pre-soak, which show up as black spots on the prints. Overall, it's not a bad film.

-- Doug Paramore (, July 01, 2000.

Hi, expose it at 64. I use PMK on rotary Jobo and process for 16 minutes. Depending if it's 4x5 or 8x10 you can go up to 20. It's an excellent film.

-- guillaume zuili (, July 01, 2000.

To be honest, I did not care for PlusX in PMK at all. I haven't used a Kodak film yet that I liked the results of in PMK. Maybe if you have some HC-110 lying around you would be better off, IMHO.

-- David N. VanMeter (, July 02, 2000.

Tri-X,Verichrome pan, both in PMK are excellent. But anyway it's like food everyone has is own taste...

-- guillaume zuili (, July 03, 2000.

From my experience HC-110 is the way to go with development time around seven minutes.

-- Steve Mason (, April 20, 2001.

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