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Pas view of *organization* - from Little House on the praire....

Just read this neat passage with my girls,.... the townfolk were very bored and wanted some fun, so they decided to have a literary society.....

The seats were filled and men were standing thick behind them, when Mr. Clewett called the room to order. He said that the purpose of this meeting was to organzie a literary socieity.

The first thing in order, he said, will be a roll call of members. I will then hear nominations for temporary chairman. The temporary chairman will take charge, and we will then proceed to nominate and ballot for permanent officers.

Everyone was a little taken aback, and felt less jolly, but it wasn an interesting question, who could be elected President. Then Pa stood up by his seat, and said, Mr. Clewett and townfolks, what weve come here for is some fun to liven us up. It does not seem necessary to organize anything.

From what Ive seen, Pa went on, the trouble with organizing a thing is that pretty soon folks get to paying more attention to the organzation than to what theyre organized for. I take it were pretty well agreed right now on what we want. If we start organizing and electing, the chances are we wont be as well agreed on whos to be elected to fill office. So I suggest, lets just go straight ahead and do what we want to do, without any officers. Weve got the schoolteacher, Mr. Clewett, to act as leader. Let him give out a program, every meeting, for the next meeting. anybody that gets a good idea can speak up for it, and anybody thats called on will pitch in and do his share in the programs the best he can, to give everybody a good time.

Thats the ticket, Ingalls! Mr. Clancy sang out, and as Pa sat down, a good many began to clap. Mr. Clewett said, All in favor, say Aye! A loud chorus of Ayes voted that it should be so.

Then for a minute, no one knew what to do next. Mr. Clewett said, We havent any program for this meeting. Some man answered, Shucks, we arent going home yet! The barber suggeted singing, and someone said, You got some pupils that can speak pieces? How about it, Clewett? Then a voice said, How about a spelling match? Several chimed in to that, Thats the notion! Thats the idea! Lets have a spelling match! page 215-216, Little Town on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder

And so every week, everyone brought what they had to entertain the others and fun was had by all...

Barry Steinman

-- Barry Steinman (, June 29, 2000

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