4th July - Organised Fun!

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4th of July seems like a wonderful day (sorry, sarcasm never really was my strongpoint!)when businessmen and other be-suited individuals(!) feel free to have fun, safe in the knowledge that they can stay out as late as they like on Monday night..no work on tuesday.

Recently I have joined their tie wearing ranks, and i want to prove to myself that clothes and jobs do not & can not define me! If anyone is up for some laughs - no organised corporate fun pls - I'll consider anything. This whole cacophony thing is new to me..i only just arrived in the States a while ago, but I'm here with an exellent - but small - group who are of similar mindset.

All those in favour of saving a soon to be corporate, mind-numbing, grey-suited, cubicle-inhabiting lost soul just drop me a line.

-- "Mac" (bmcardle@usitmail.com), June 29, 2000

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