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I can't go to the site I was allocated. Any possibility of wrong URL? or, especially because it's Yahoo!'s site, any problem from the provider's side? What can we do if we get stuck with the allocated site (e.g. being unable to move to anywhere or keep getting error message). Is there any way we can skip?

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2000


Hi Keiko,

It sounds like you've arrived at a "404" page, or "File not found". If that is the case, suggest the resource to be removed and then click on "NEXT".

Alternatively you could try finding the resource with a little fiddling about in your browser's address bar. e.g. If the server cannot find the URL: "http://www.history.edu/joe/ww1/chapter2.html", you could try to remove the last bit ("chapter2.html") to see if there is an index page at "http://www.history.edu/joe/ww1/".

I hope that helps. In any case, if you've got a query regarding a specific site you were allocated, please include it in your question.

Regards, Eoin

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2000

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