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Thanks for the info on paper negatives.

Next question. I recently bought a 8x10 Calumet Csomething (green). I've currently have two tripods, a Bogen 3020 and a 3050. I have in the past used Bogen's 3047 head, but it tends to creep when used with a mamiya twin lens. The 3050 tripod looks stout enough to work with the Calumet. Any suggestions on tripod heads?

The basic use I have planed for the camera for shooting local scenics, buildings, etc. Maybe a couple family photos if i can get the kids to stay still.


-- E J Schwarz (, June 29, 2000


Response to Tripod Heads

I highly reccomend the Ries head for LF.

-- bill zelinski (, June 29, 2000.

Response to Tripod Heads

my recommendation for the green monster is either the Gizo 1570, the Reis head or the Arca Swiss B2 head. If you don't mind the weight a geared head from Majestic with a 6" x 7" platform is ideal.

-- Ellis Vener (, June 29, 2000.

Response to Tripod Heads

If you look hard, you can find a geared Majestic cheaply. I paid all of $20.00 for mine - On Ebay. I'm not kidding. It was made in 1946 but it is definatley up to the 14 - 18 lbs of the Calumet. Have you weighed your camera yet? If it's 14 lbs it's magnesium, if 18, it's aluminum.

I have a Ries Photoplane now and although I like it very much, if I had the aluminum Calumet, I'd want the Majestic.

-- Sean yates (, June 30, 2000.

Response to Tripod Heads

What do you mean by the 3047 "creeps?" I use a 3047 with all my cameras including a Mamiya TLR and Toyo 45A. The 3047 doesn't even know the Mamiya is sitting on it, it's so light and the head is so strong!

-- John H. Henderson (, June 30, 2000.

Response to Tripod Heads

The Reis 2-way tilt head and the Arca Swiss B2 are the only heads to buy.

-- Bill Smithe (, July 02, 2000.

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