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What is the max that can be fit on a SVCD? I'm looking for 48min, would it be posible? I know it's a very basic question, but I've found contradicting info. Thanks for your help. Jorge

-- Jorge L Rosaly (, June 28, 2000


a 74 minute CD will allow a VCD file size of 747M instead of the 640M available in data mode.

There are calculator programs on some web sites but I cannot remember which. The mathematics is simply this:

If T is the total length of video tracks required in minutes then the maximum data rate including sound you can use is given by --


From this you must take off the data rate for sound (say 224) so as to arrive at the video data rate.

This equation holds good for H & XVCD's as well.

So in your case for 48 minutes of SVCD, HVCD or XVCD video & sound your average data rate for the video cannot exceed 1900kB/s

Sorry if thats a bit complex


-- Ross McL (, June 28, 2000.

Hey Ross i have to slightly disagree with you. Ok its funny, i just made a (xvcd/supervcd, same damn thing)file. Its 45mins but with a bitrate of 1992. I come with in 3 seconds of it not fitting on a 74min cdr (off the subject, this was why the vp4 that time kept giving me an error at the end of burning, NTI showed me the added 3 sec black clip i put at the end casued it to go over 74mins). But then again since it is higher then 1900bitrate it would be a little different, but not by much.

-- Doug (, June 29, 2000.

Hi Doug, thats why I said you may have to adjust the calculated rate because the encode is not quite accurately holding the average. As a check, divide the actual explorer size by the actual time and convert it to kbits/second and you will probably find it is just a bit higher when one runs out of disc space. The "error" may also vary between source files and having calculated 1900 I would actually use 1850 OR reduce the equation top line by about 3%, if I had done the equation with a 3% factor in it someone would have taken me on because my maths was not correct, cannot win either way hahaha!

Its easy to mount and argument to not use 74 minutes on the disc, 3% off is 72 minutes - surprise, surprise thats what lots of people have said on this site as the recommended maximum. In Nero I have my yellow line set for 72 minutes.

Actually anyone using bbMPEG will know that the average varies because it spits out a report with all the max, mins and averages for the encode and that is the basis of my 3% in this one. The programs that are available on other sites to do this may or maynot have a safety margin built in - they are not necessarily up front in saying how they calculated the rate either, there is certainly nothing magical in the sums but applying the results needs some care OR adopt the 72 minute full capacity instead of 74.

-- Ross McL (, June 29, 2000.

SVCD, I created a Svcd of Star Trek Insurection. I placed 51.50 minutes on each cd at 2000Kbs. There was still plenty of room on each cd. I used Nero 5.0 and it should the file as 68 minutes. The cd's were CD-R80. I used TmpgEncoder with SVCD Film setings. I think I might be able to get 60 minutes on each cd.

My point is that it looked just like a DVD movie. I just wanted to share this because Svcd's is the only way to go for quality on home DVD player's.

SVCD is co

-- Machado (, August 30, 2000.

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