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Id like to hear from anyone who has experience using 8x10 Polaroid film. I see the color and B&W 809/804 film for sale, and on the Polaroid web page, but no 8x10 holders. Are the holders still made? Any one know of any good sources for used ones. What is required to process the prints after theyre made? Are they peel apart or do you need a separate processor. Processor brands/types? Anything inexpensive.

I can handle doing traditional B&W negs and contract prints. But I thought that the color Polaroids would be a fun medium to goof around in for instant color prints. Anyone using it?

Thanks in advance.

-- sheldon hambrick (, June 28, 2000


I use a small amont of 8x10 Polaroid. Without getting to detailed this format requires a complete system. They are redily available used, (e-Bay, Swap meets,etc.)The holders are available seperatly. I have a Polariod System,mine is usually refered to as the "Blue One" it is 110Volt and not very field friendly(there is a hand crank) and I paid $75.00 at a local meet for the whole system in mint condition. The other brand that I am not familar with is one sold by Calumet it looks to be much more field friendly. These are both very expensive as new but they are very resonable on the used market because most people can not justify the cost per print. I use mostly black and white and they are very impressive and I have very rarly had trouble getting back the cost of the print. You should check to see if you can rent a system in your area to goof around with and see what you think.

-- R. (Mac) McDonald (, June 28, 2000.

Yes, and I love it. So far I have been playing with the black and white 100 speed, and using selenium toner mixed with isopropyl alcohol for in the field toning. It dries quickly so I can put them in the presentation mount right away.

I shoot for the antique car club here and they like the idea of having a nice "period" looking photo of their restored car right on the spot. I have been using the 4x5 type 56 sepia tone material, and will be bringing the 8x10 Deardorff to the next meet for big prints as well.

I use the manual processor from Calumet. Its very handy and have had no problems with the quality -- no streaks etc. A lot less money than the electric one too.

I bought the holder and processor new from Calumet.

-- Tony Brent (, June 29, 2000.

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