What is this Michael Stipe song?

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Ok, here goes... I'm looking for a song that Michael Stipe contributed to a movie last year (it may have been slightly more than a year ago). It was a very good song that played over the closing credits of the film, but here's the kicker-- I don't remember what movie it was! I thought that it might have been "Slums of Beverly Hills", but I looked up the soundtrack to that film and it's not on the album... it must have either not been included, or was in another film I saw around the same time. I don't know if this was a Michael solo effort, or if he just contributed guest vocals, but I would really appreciate any word on how to get ahold of a copy of it!

-- Rae (wobert12@yahoo.com), June 28, 2000


Somehow i doubt if this is what you're looking for but rem did a song on the austin powers II soundtrack, it was called 'dragging the line'(a cover of another band's song) or something a bit like that, it can be found on the soundtrack volume 2. But this was rem rather than michael stipe on his own, and i don't think it was played at the end of the film. Still, i thought it was probably worth mentioning...

-- mark (MarkStephenBell@hotmail.com), June 29, 2000.

Nah, that's not the one I'm looking for. Thanks though.

-- Rae (wobert12@yahoo.com), June 29, 2000.

It could have been it's a free world baby" this is a song by R.E.M. on the friend's sountrack. On the other hand it could have been[arms of love,guilty by association,your ghost,fullmoon,to sir with love,trout,alive and living,kid fears,future 40's,little april showers,a campfire song,boy,clustering train,omaha,hot night in georgia,treason or meeting. these are all from michaels solo album which is only really obtainable through the smaller record chains

-- (djnugent@oceanfree.net), July 15, 2000.

You must be looking for Happpiness, a title song from the 1998 movie. I have it and it's great! Hope this helps

-- Meg (annElise83@hotmail.com), July 21, 2000.

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