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I used the Panasonic Encoder 2.30 to try and encode a video clip that was 3.8Gb in size with about 35000 frames, but the encoder will only let me encode up to 18069 frames(about 12minutes), is this to do with the 2Gb limit thats been mentioned, or is it something else, any help would be great.



-- Alan Rae (, June 28, 2000


The Panasonic will encode source files 2GB maximum. To get around this limit most will get the plug-in version for Adobe Premiere, whose latest version allows timelines of up to 3hrs (at whatever filesize), then render the output through the Panasonic. This is basically frameserver mode. VirtualDub has this mode but alas there is no Panasonic plug-in for it.

-- EMartinez (, June 28, 2000.

Alan and EM

I think its fair to say that frame size is the problem OR the answer. Your obviously using a full frame and running at about 3M/s a half size frame (lot of boards use it) will at least double that time. In a DV base, as I work in, the Panasonic 2G limit occurs at 9 minutes and that is the very reason I use an intermediate MPEG2 file so that high quality can be maintained over a wider time limit. The 14500kB/s CBR mpeg2 gives a 1.8M/s encode and therefore doubles the time to 18 minutes, one can reduce even further and actually get 34 minutes to a track. The 2G limit is a pain and has been ever since Bill Gate controlled it that way.

I envy those with capture systems that cope with full and half frame captures, there is a use for both sizes. I let that all go out the window when I went firewire DV. Wish I had a Rainbow Runner for long movies!

-- Ross McL (, June 29, 2000.

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