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HAVANA (June 27, 2000 1:47 p.m. EDT - Cuba has launched a program to cut fuel consumption to counter both increasing oil prices and lower income fromthe sale of its sugar crop, the official Communist newspaper reported Tuesday.

Under the plan, consumption of gasoline will be immediately reduced by 5 percent, while restrictions on industrial fuel and diesel use are being studied, Economic Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez told Granma.

In the first three months of the year, the increase in crude oil prices has triggered a loss of about $80 million to $85 million in Cuba, the paper reported.

State enterprises are the biggest users of Cuban gasoline, while private drivers receive small allowances in Cuban pesos to purchase it. Those who have U.S.dollars can use that currency to buy gasoline. In Cuba, a liter - .22 gallons - of gasoline costs 90 U.S. cents.

Rodriguez said oil prices have been fluctuating between $28 and $30 dollars per barrel and Cuba budgets only $21 to $22 per barrel.

-- Rachel Gibson (, June 27, 2000

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