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Hi, I have Nero 4, which I used to cut a VCD copy from an original VCD movie. The first problem I had was that when I tried to use the cd at once(on the fly copy without saving to the harddrive first) the copy comes out corrupt , I have tried about 4 times and had problems at some point playing the movie (the movie would freeze at different times on each copy), then I did a regular copy with writing to hard drive first which worked just fine if you not counting the time it took, which brings me to the second problem, every time that I set up for a new copy writing at 4x it would set back to 2x .

Those any one can help?



-- Eze (, June 27, 2000



-- (, June 27, 2000.

here is a solution for you. Use VCDgear2.0 to extract the mpg from the dat to hard drive, then author the mpg to VCD with Nero at any speed you want. VCDgear2.0 will ensure uncorrupt mpg and Nero will be happy to burn it at any speed your media/burner allow. I tested the VCDgear2.0 extraction on 520Mb (64minutes) VCD with a 166Mhz PI, and it took about 8 minutes. If you have faster CPU that time will be lessen exponentially.

As for the jump back between 2x versus 4x, if you are burning on the fly for the first time with Nero, it will do that. It has to determine what is best for the burner/media.

-- lnguyen (, June 28, 2000.

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