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I've burned a VCD with Nero v5009 (source : a one hour mpeg). It plays fine from the beginning to the end on my pionner 717 if I let it play, but if I fast forward I get some Audio/video sync problems (up to one or two seconds gap, combined with image jerks). Did anyone already encountered this problem (and, hopefully, solved it)? I've got the same problem if I memorize the position ("Last memo" function), and then recall it.

-- Philippe Touillaud (, June 27, 2000


Some more clues : Well, I just found that there is the same problem with Xing Mpeg player (v3.30), when opening the source mpeg : if I go directly nearly to the end and play, sound and video aren't synchro. Something strange is that I don't have the problem with the Windows media player. Does it mean that my mpeg source isn't correct, and that some players are more or less compliant with this? And if it is the case, how could I correct the mpeg?

-- Philippe Touillaud (, June 28, 2000.

I have the same problem now . As i dont use VCD a lot but MPEG4 CDs for my computer i was used to capture at 640X480 44100 16 bit stereo MPEG 1 and use virtual dub to encode to MPEG 4 ( I dont have the space required for avi capture ). I was doing this quite well for a long time until i had the bad idea to format my C drive and make a clean install . I cant put ATI All in Wonder 128 32 Mb to capture in sync anymore , unless i use the new drivers + DX8 + multimedia center 7.1 from ATI . MMC 7.1 sucks a lot , since i cant capture with the same parameters cuz it overloads my CPU . But once i capture a 480 X 360 50 minutes file it play well on WINDOWS MULTIMEDIA PLAYER but once i open it on any other MPEG1 editors it runs out of sync and this way i cant compress right . What is happening this time ? Let me take the chance to say that during the year and a half i have been using the ATI Card i noticed that ATI is putting much too complicated hardware on the market , since i have been trough this out-of-sync conversation THOUSANDS of times .

-- DeMarco (, August 22, 2001.

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