What's your secret vice?

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Trashy romance novels? Vanilla Ice? Old episodes of Baywatch? C'mon..it can't possibly be worse than mine.:)

-- Jenna (jenna@diarist.net), June 27, 2000


Okay, so my secret vices (all three of them):

--country music...which drives my husband crazy --the real world...that "real life" show on MTV --strip clubs...so female bodies are really pretty. shoot me.

-- um, no... (heliotrope@chickmail.com), June 27, 2000.

Reading online journals

What do you mean it's not secret? Just because I write an online journal myself? Yeah, but nobody reads it. Well, okay, a few people do... but I don't go around talking to everyone I know in the real world about it.

Besides which... it's so difficult to explain to people... Hey, I gotta tell you a funny thing that happened to a friend of mine... well, not really a friend, I mean I've never met them but I read their online journal and we email sometimes... yeah, an online journal... what's an online journal? well, it's sort of like a diary, kind of secret thoughts but you put it on the Internet for everyone to read and... Naw, it just gets too difficult to explain...

-- Jim (jimsjournal@yahoo.com), July 06, 2000.

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