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Is anyone else using this? I have had mine for a while (waited since Aug.1999 for it to arrive) and Boy do I like it. I use it simply to test, equipment and set up. I used to toss the prints in the trash, but now they are Good prints and much more informative. It seemed that I always use it in extreem temperatures and it was to time consuming to worry about exposure, temperature, and developing time. I just leave it loaded all the time and it works great. I just wonder about the durability(I don't do well with that plastic and electronic stuff) I've never had an Old 545 Melt when I forgot and laid it on a Steam pipe while making an exposure. But at less than $200.00 it's worth it.

So has anyone had any experince, good or bad?

-- R.(Mac) McDonald (, June 27, 2000



I am interested in buying one. Perhaps you could outline the specs for us who have not been able to get our hands on the literature. I plan on packing it in so weight is an issure and temperatures where I go can vary from 30 to 80 degrees. Processing and exposing my Polaroid film has always been problematic for me. Perhaps this new holder will help?

Thanks -Steve

-- Stephen Willard (, June 27, 2000.

You asked for it... This is the short quick version of the book(My Version). As with most products now the book is in no less than 6 languages, aprox 14-15 pages each, and includes just one set of fold out graphics in the back. This uses STD. 4X5 Polaroid Film and is programmed for51HC,52,53,54,55PN,56S,57,59,72,79,and 64T. The holder is shaped much like the old holders with the addition of a small digital display,3 small program buttons and the battery door. It uses 2, 1.5v,SR-44. Mechanical function appears to be the same as the old holders as does the trouble shooting, disassembly, and the cleaning of the rollers. To use you simply push any button to turn it on and enter the 2 digit Film Timer Code printed on the holder, and your ready to go. Insert film in holder make the exposure and pull the film, the timer starts automatically and tells you when to peel. The temp range is 50F to 95F (10C to 35C) and if you are outside the range it warns you. It also displays exposure compensation values, displayed in # of stops to adjust your shutter. It can time up to 3 prints simultaneously. It can be adjusted for alternative processes and custom times. And you can still remove the film and process later. As fare as the weight I do not see it in any of the literature, but it appears to be lighter than the old model, and very close to the same dimensions as the old model even with the addition of the electronics. As I mentioned my only concern is durability in the field, Im looking at purchasing 2 more units, soon and would like to know? Now if they just made a unit like this for the 8X10 !:-)

Hope this helps with the curiosity.

-- R. (Mac) McDonald (, June 27, 2000.

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