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Ihave a HP9100i cdwriter. Using adaptec and cdwriter plus. Also using Dazzle DVC in conjunction with Ulead Video studio-4.0 I am able to produce MPEG-1 videos in any format with no problem. When I write the mpeg (VCD format -Pal or NTSC format)to the CD rom all files seem to end up on one track. The Sony VCD only sees the first file which is on track one. And using HP CDwriter plus I do not seem to be able to create separate tracks on VCD (Data file format)as is possible on the audio tracks.

Can anyone help.

-- Edwin Talbot (, June 26, 2000


Surely it's not a problem with the CD Writer. It only writes what it is told to write. I have very bad experience with Adaptec Easy CD software, and since I started using Nero burning ROM for writing the CD's, the problems are all gone.

-- Josh (, June 27, 2000.

That was the first stumbling block I had to get over as I could actually only play 2 video tracks on any VCD, what a pain that was.

I began encoding with LSX 2.51, hell thats a long time ago. A friend in Austria also used the same encoder and he had the same problem, sent me a 14 track VCD once and only 2 played and on SOME DVD's I could squeeze out 3 tracks and that aspect always confused the issue. He was using double silvers at the time as was always recomended on this discussion site. My burner program in those days was an early version 3.5 from CeQuadrat.

Then I changed to Nero and Panasonic and suddenly I could play as many tracks as I could fit on the CD, so make what you will out of all that frustrating experience.

I will say this that if you using the LSX plugin for VS3, VS4 or MSP6 then your probably using the worst encoder on the market. Sure it makes life easy but......... is it worth it?

I am not sure what you mean by all into one track, your VCD files should be in the MPEGAV folder on the VCD as separate tracks. I would suggest you take the time to do as "Doug" does with his Dazzle - encode at a high Mpeg-1 data rate of 2900kb/s (I think from memory) and re encode it with the stand alone Panasonic encoder to a VCD compliant file and see if you can play more than one track - check the MPEGAV folder to see if all tracks are separate.

Goodluck I know how frustrating this all is!

-- Ross McL (, June 27, 2000.


The Sony VCD see your disc as DATA-CD or VCD? If it sees your disc as DATA-CD, then you are not making VCD. I suspect that you just drag and drop your mpeg file into the disc as data instead of authoring it with EZ CD deluxe VCD option. Furthermore, VS 4.0 that comes with Dazzle DVC will not create compliant VCD! EZ CD VCD module will automatically pop them into the segment directory. Look into the segment directory to see if they are there. You need Panasonic for your encoding needs.

-- lnguyen (, June 28, 2000.

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