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I just bought a LF (4X5) studio camera, lens, film holders and other necessities (all used) and am getting ready to start practicing. I have been reading the threads and Fuji Quickloads are mentioned quite often. My questions are, what are they?, how do they work? and what are their advantages?. I intend to shoot both B&W and Fuji Velvia. Thanks, John

-- John Randall (, June 26, 2000


The Fuji Quickload holder is basically designed to take Fuji Quickload film. Quickload film is pre-packaged in a 'light safe' envelope. You insert the complete envelope into the holder. Then pull the envelope out. The film inside the camera is now ready to be exposed. Trip the shutter, thereby exposing the film. Push the envelope back in, thereby safely putting the film back into the 'light-safe' enevelope. Pull out the envelope and send it off to have the film processed.

The advantages of the Fuji Quickoads (and Kodak Readyloads, although some people say these suffer from light leaks) include the fact that they are pre-packaged and relieve you of the trouble of loading holders in the dark. Also, you're less likely to encounter dust problems since the factory where these are sealed into the envelopes presumably have better dust control than your darkroom. Downsides include cost and the fact that some say Quickloads correspond less to the ground glass plane and so might be less sharp.


-- N Dhananjay (, June 26, 2000.

I've shot literally thousands of Fuji Quickloads in the Fuji holder and nave yet to see a focus problem the previous post alluded too. Yes quickloads are more expensive but I balance this against the savings in film lost to dust spots (and the possible retouching costs) and time spent cleaning, loading and unloading regular film holders. the biggest problem with Fuji Quickloads is the definite lack of an easily availible black & white emulsion. only one dealer in the USA, Badger Graphics, advertises regular availibility of Fuji Neopan 80 the only Fuji B&W emulsion in Quickload. A Fuji executive once told me that Neopan 80 is only an okay emulsion, not of the quality of modern Kodak Tmax or Ilford films of the same speed.

-- Ellis Vener (, June 27, 2000.

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