Who do you want to get back in touch with?

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That long lost love again? An old friend from high school or college? Heck, I find myself remembering people from elementary school once in a while.

-- Erica (madwo@somecrazydame.com), June 26, 2000


I'd like to get back in touch with my high school foreign exchange student friend Costja. He was a riot. Like Puk from the real world but nice! Imagine the fun. *sigh* Maybe I'll see him at our reunion. Hope springs eternal.

-- Sandra (santrev7@prodigy.net), June 30, 2000.

Hi Sandra,

I forgot to answer my own question!

I'm resisting the temptation to get back in touch with one old sorta ex, as you all know.

I'm curious about a few people I went to high school and college with, remembering more each day.

There was Jenny, whose last name escapes me, but she was really shy and meek until I got ahold of her. Nice girl. Her parents seemed nice enough, too. She lived not too far from my best friend in 9th grade, so I'd sometimes stop there on the way to or from my friend's house. I don't even know how I knew where she lived, I must've just seen her out one day.

My best friend from college, who flaked out on me big time last year when my dad died. She didn't return my calls for three months, blaming it on her sister and mom not taking messages. I know they were awful about taking messages, but it's ridiculous that she didn't call in that length of time just because she had a new boyfriend. In non-boyfriend times, she called everyday. Maybe I'm better off, but I hold a happy thought for her that she's got her shit together, so she can take care of her baby.

Jason, a good friend from high school. We kept in touch for a few months after he went into the army, but after a while, we both stopped writing.

My friend Margaret, whose number and address I never remember to put into a book. I wonder if she's still in the same house. I knew her in college and we reacquainted ourselves in San Francisco.

There are so many more.

-- Erica (erica@imericaonline.com), June 30, 2000.

I would like to see my ex, Alex Camano. We went out when I was 13 and he got sent to live with his dad in Panama. I got one call at Christmas from him, and that was the last I saw of him. That was 10 years ago. I have tried to look for him, but have had no luck. I don't know his mom's name or his sisters name. She is still in Washington state, from what I heard. I ended up dating a guy who dated Alex's sister. Alex, si miras eso buscame. Aber si mi recuerdas todavia. Te extrano mucho. Estoy casada con 2 hijos, pero te necesito ahorita. Hay pensado en ti 10 anos. Te amo y no te olvide para nada.

-- Abigail Rodriguez (Thompson) (rodriguez_abigail@yahoo.com), July 02, 2002.

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