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I'm pretty sure you can, but just asking this incase i'm wrong. You can put more than 1 mpeg on a cd and have it play in your dvd player and everything will work fine? Like after it's done it'll play the next?

-- (, June 26, 2000


Just keep adding mpeg files in your VCD layout window until you reach about 73 minutes playing time. You can add a menu to play selected movie clips using Adaptec EZCD creator deluxe.

-- Garth (, June 26, 2000.

Yes. Using Adaptec's Easy CD Creator Deluxe 4.0 you are given two ways of creating a VCD. Simple play sequence or Menu.

As is the title, Simple play sequence is the easiest. You pick 1 to N MPGs (that are to white book specs for MPG1) and then select the order you want to play them in. When you burn to CD-R or CD-RW depending on your DVD player, and you put it in your DVD player, when you press play it will start with the first MPG you wanted to play, when done it will go on to the next.

You can do the menu method, but unless you really need to get fancy, I'd suggest just using the simple play method. You can also bump ahead to the next MPG on the VCD by pressing the DVD's next button.

Have fun!!!

-- Jerry (, June 29, 2000.

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