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Why wasn't Lavinia included in the operation against Vela's house from the start? Lavinia had designed the house and been in the house. She should have been a key person in the operation. And if Felipe hadn't died Lavinia would not have been included and all of the commando members would have been killed.

Once Lavinia decided that General Vela was behind the hidden wall, why didn't she just spray bullets into the wall and kill the General? Instead of opening the wall. She had to know that the General wouldn't surrender. And by opening the wall Lavinia put her own life at

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2000


question 2: Its hard to say why people under great stress act the way they do, but one reason she may not have just started shooting, hoping to hit the general, was because if she emptied a clip into the wall she may or may not have hit him. She may have just wasted bullets on nothing, or warned him that they were aware of his presence. The gunfire could have started an attack on the house or possibly triggered other reactions which were not in line with the movement's goals. By turning the wall she was sure of her shot. She knew she could catch him off guard. She also knew that whatever happened, the movement would succeed because if he surrendered they would have another hostage; if she shot him (as she did) then he posed no threat. The only way to be sure was to open that wall. Sacrifice self for the mission.

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2000

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