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I recently purchased an older Calumet C-1 or C-3 8x10 camera. (I don't know exactly which one it is, but it's the green model.)

Can I purchase an extension for its bed so that I can extend the bellows more for close shots? I don't even know if they make them, but I thought I'd try and ask here first. If they do make them, are there any suggestions where I can go to get a good used one?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

Ron Whitaker

-- Ron Whitaker (, June 25, 2000


The Calumets have 34" of draw, or at least mine did. As far as I am aware, there were no extensions made and the bellows was not interchangeable.

If you need more, a Deardorff extension cone might be an easier way to go. The Calumet and the Deardorff both take 6" X 6" round- cornered boards. If you could find an extension cone, or better yet, make one of have one made, that'd get you the extra extension and you wouldn't have to buy an additional bellows.

-- Sean yates (, June 25, 2000.


I think Sean is right, I have one of these that I use on ocasion just for the Great extension. And if you take a look, the bellows are not made to be changed out short of repair. The lens board extension should be easy to make up using a modified Lens Board from Calumet. Boy whould that be impressive! Make sure you carry lots Bussiness Cards (for bracing up the bellows)and who knows maybe potential customers. These are real ugly looking Cameras but it's hard to get that much capability in that size package and for a Very minimal price.

-- R. (Mac) McDonald (, June 25, 2000.

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