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I was just wondering how many songs REM actually sing on the Man on the moon soundtrack. I know they do The Great Beyond and Man on the moon. Is it worth buying? Thanx!!

-- Suzanne (, June 25, 2000


Its a good album for a music lover, with some great songs on there, however if you want REAL R.E.M. then it is not the best bet. There are only three "R.E.M." songs on it - Man On The Moon (Original) The Great Beyond and Man On The Moon (Orchestral). For an music album, 9 out of 10. For a R.E.M. album, 4 out of 10. Sorry about that.

-- Dan Clark (, June 25, 2000.

The man on the moon instrumental/orchestral on the soundtrack is not performed by rem, but by an orchestra. The only songs rem sing are 'man on the moon', 'the great beyond' and 'this friendly world' - a duet. I quite like it as an album, as said above.


-- mark (, June 26, 2000.

Just like to add that i think r.e.m did miracle the instrumental aswell, i'm sure i remember mike talking about writing that track. SO thats 4 r.e.m tracks now right? Amit B

-- Amit B (, June 27, 2000.

they did all of the little instrumentals (the score) like tony thrown out/miracle/lynne and andy/andy gets fired/milk and cookies and i think thats it.

-- jason (, June 27, 2000.

THE ALBUM IS EXCELLENT! I disagree with what has been said before. For a music album 5/10 For and REM album 8/10 For an ENTERTAINMENT album 10/10 (or 11/10 if i could give it that) The album captures Andy so well. I really do suggest you buy it (if you have a sense of humour that is)

-- Chris (not-an-email@really!.com), June 27, 2000.

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