Losing My Religion Video and Song

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Losing My Religion is about having a crush on someone, right. But whats the video about is it religious imagery?

-- Lee Thomas Mainwaring (Leerem1@yahoo.com), June 25, 2000


Yes. It was a very contraversial video when it first came out but that didn't stop it from cleaning house in the 1992 MTV video music awards.

-- Kent Stevens (smashingpete@yahoo.com), June 25, 2000.

Actually the video for Losing My Religion was originally banned in Ireland when it came out. Again I have to quote a book/cd thing which says that the L.M.R. video was banned because of its "...combination of supposedly homoerotic imagery and religion...". I only learned of this about a year ago or so, and i was shocked to learn of it. I mean - it doesn't really surprise me, but i thought it was such an Irish thing to do. I had thought the days of banning books & records had been left behind in the dark ages of our country's short history, when everything was run by the church - but this happened in the '90's. It makes me sad... I guess it was because of this that Michael said that most Irish people are homophobic. That made me sad too.

-- phons (phonzerelli@yahoo.com), June 26, 2000.

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