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I just noticed you deleted my thread of advice. Apparently you have decided you don't need any, and are willing to fly blind. Well, that's fine. I can't control your actions, I can only give suggestions, and you're responsible for your own life. However, I find it very disrespectful that you didn't even acknowledge my presence. I came and posted at your little opus, with a genuine willingness to help you out and assist you in its creation. You can't possibly know everything about forums (since yours seem to have such short, uneventful life spans), and I thought you might appreciated a bit of guidance. Even a reply saying, "No, I'm fine, I'd like to do this by myself," would be nice, instead of all-out deleting the message. If you continue to treat guests at your board in this fashion, they won't bother to come. And I was one of...what, two others, excluding yourself?...that posted here. I wish you would at least acknowledge my presence, even if you refuse to take my advice. Unless, of course, you want your board to be the ME! page, with nothing but constant posts by you and only you.

The purpose of a forum is to exchange ideas back and forth. You may not agree with other people's opinions, in which case you discuss them in a calm and respectful manner. Deleting one of the first threads to come down the pike is not good board-handling. Also, did it occur to you I did not just post that thread for yourself, but for the benifit of others? The advice I gave was universal, not directed solely at you, and it would be rather narcissistic for you to think so. I thought I gave good, solid advice, and I was very disappointed to learn that not only did you not reply, you ignored it and deleted the entire message. And several days late at that! Good forum maintenance requires you to be constantly checking on your forum, several times a day if possible. If you can't give the basic upkeep that a forum requires, then don't start one. It's like owning a pet. If you can't care for it, give it food and water and time out in the sunshine, don't get one at all because you're not ready for the responsibility. The very fact that you didn't delete my post until several days after the fact, implies you cannot give it the attention it needs, and you aren't ready to host a forum. Please take my advice, this time, and if you don't choose to, then don't delete the threads. It's just bad business, and you need all the customers you can get.

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2000

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