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What does this mean?

Session("Note2") = replace(Session("Note2"),"'",chr(39) & chr(39),1,-1,1) %> %> Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Field 'ihn.User' cannot be a zero-length string.

/research/finish.asp, line 101

Is it not recognising me as a user, or is it the author, or perhaps the server that is not recognised? Also, I 've had a few occasions when the whole thing just collapses and I have to log on again and sometimes again after that. Often this happens without notification - its only when you get to the end of a classification that this becomes clear. Does this mean that websites I thought deleted may return? This could explain a number of recurrent websites - the British electricity supply boards (how on Earth did they get in???) were particularly persistent.




-- Anonymous, June 25, 2000


Sean, this error is caused when the author (prof, phd, ma, other) section is not filled in or has not been processed by the server. The database will not accept a blank entry for this value Field 'ihn.User' cannot be a zero-length string

The fact that the tool itself on occassion crashes is worrying. The majority of these crashes I think may have been due to work goin on at this end, in amending/improving the database. If this problem persists please get back to me. Removed sites will remain so, unless the transfer was interuppted on its way to the database, which could also explain the crashes you have experienced. Also apologies for the delay in response.

regards, David

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2000

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