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My trusty Canon T-90 may be sick. I just plugged in a Remote Switch 60T3 I purchased used, fired a shot, and the display screamed HELP in big red letters. I tried removing the battery pack and reinserting it, and it went away, but came back again after a couple of shots. I tried a different lens, even no lens, and still no luck.

Anyone know what might have happened? Is it fatal? If I need to send it for repair, where should I turn? I live in NJ, and Canon seems to have a facility in Manhattan, but will they just tell me the camera is too old?



-- Larry Geary (, June 24, 2000


I thought I posted a response yesterday, so if two show up, the forum didn't update for a day.

I assume that you removed the 60T3 and made sure that it wasn't the problem. Next try a new set of batteries and clean the contacts on the battery holder and in the body.

Canon will no work on T90s any longer. But there are some places that will. Horizon Electronics in CA (Bay area, has a web site) and Japan Camera Repair in Norcross, GA are typically recommended, but I have no personal experience with either. I have used Strauss in Washington, DC for other Canon FD repairs, but have not had any work done on a T90 there. There is a guy who has eBay auctions (for advertising) on T90 repair. He advertises $90 plus parts. Someone on Photo.Net used him and is happy with the work. His web page is

Good luck.

-- Terry Carraway (, June 25, 2000.

Well, I can answer my own question. I was told in another forum that the T-90 shutter can easily jam if the camera is not in regular use, and in fact, the camera had been unused for some time. So, I exercised the shutter through all of its speeds using the motor drive. At first, it tripped up after a few frames, but I was able to clear the error by pressing the battery check. Soon the errors stopped and I was able to shoot as long as I wanted. It looks like the camera just needs a lube and regular use. I noticed that the mirror might not be making it all the way up all the time when firing the motor drive. I was initially concerned I had fried the electronics somehow, but it turns out the use of the remote release was coincidental.

I'd still like to hear about some top notch repair shops for older Canon equipment.

-- Larry Geary (, June 25, 2000.

horizon electronics repaired my t90, replacing the shutter. you are lucky that yours is working again.

i highly recommend accessing their web site ( and using them for your work. quick turnaround (though i live in massachusetts), friendly people, excellent service.

-- bill morocco (, August 04, 2000.

Even if you don't use it all that often in the days of digicams, take it out of the bag or dresser, change the batteries, and fire off a bunch of "empties" with the motor drive. Cameras don't wear out because you use the shutter too much. Entirely the opposite. If you don't use it, it may begin to stick.

My T-90 might well outlive me, and I haven't cracked 35 yet.

-- Joseph N. Hall (, December 19, 2000.

Actually shutter assemples do have a life span of total number of shots. I have no idea what that number is for a T90, but it likely to be at least 20,000 or more.

That does not mean that every shutter will last that long, nor that all shutters will fail at that number of shots, it is just the average life span.

-- Terry Carraway (, December 19, 2000.

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