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My thanks to the person who posted information recently about Contico tool boxes found at Lowe's home improvement stores. I bought one, and it fits my old Orbit/Calumet C-1 8X10 perfectly, with room left over for film holders. The lid even has little cubby holes for such things as lens caps, filters, etc. You can even stand on it and sit on it. And it was only $21!

-- Ben Calwell (, June 24, 2000


Since I can't find the information in the archives, which model exactly do you have? I'm looking for a case for my C-1... how much room is there to spare with the camera plus film holders? Enough to put some HD foam in so I can take it on a plane? How do you arrange the equipment inside? Any info you can provide would be great.


-- Josh Wand (, December 28, 2000.

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