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Does any one know any easy r.e.m bass tabs to play? i know where to get them but i'm not sure whats a good easy one to start with, preferably one which i know the sound of just to test to see if i know i'm playin the right thing.

Amit B

-- Amit B (, June 23, 2000


Losing My Religion is difficult at first, but soon it is easy to get the hang of. Don't use any of the online tab forums for Losing My Religion or Man On The Moon, as they are completely inaccurate, if you mail me when you see this I will mail you the most accurate versions of Man On The Moon and Losing My Religion. Easy tabs to play: End Of The World, Everybody Hurts, Drive, Sidewinder Slepps Tonite, Pilgrimage, Diminished, Suspicion and a few others. Mike is a great bass player.

-- Dan Clark (, June 25, 2000.

If u wanna wait, on this site early will be put the bass tabs of many songs, realized by myself. Thanks 4 the free spot.

-- Felice "Long John" Bagnato (, June 26, 2000.

I'm not sure which ones are the easiest - probably Everybody Hurts, or most of the stuff off Monster, they're pretty straight-forward. As for which ones sound really cool - I just learned the bass part for Texarkana, on Out of time - and it sounds really great, probably one of the funkiest. the bass tab for country feedback is pretty simple, too.


-- phons (, June 26, 2000.

If you want to learn really easy REM bass tabs check out the early songs like Wolves,lower or carnival of sorts. You should have no trouble learning them and they sound pretty good played fast when other instruments are playing with you.

-- Gav (, August 26, 2000.

thanks to all who replied...

Personally i found many early ones (just like gav said)easy to play, aswell as these i though crush with eyeliner was straightforward, and strange currencies where you can hear the bass loud and clear was also good to play... So was old man kensey, another easy one to play Once again thanks for all who replied.

-- (, August 28, 2000.

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