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Has Nigel ever played at the Cambridge Folk Festival and venues in Scotland

-- malcolm maccallum (, June 23, 2000


Hello,yes Cambridge Fest in the club tent around 1990. The fest organisers seem to have a resistance to Nigels form of acousticish music utilising backdrop visuals and NMJ has not been playing many folk clubs since the mid eighties so perhaps they are not aware of him now.There is no big agency /manager scene involved in pushing NMJ's music which is perhaps why it is said that NMJ's output is vital and fresh and quite varied. Scotland yes at Findhorn I think in 98 which went very well. Nigel loved Scotland and would love to play there more especially as he has done three radio and one tv programmes music for BBC Scotland. Fans can help by mentioning NMJ to club organisers.In June BBC radio Scotland featured his music 5 times on a series called'Apothecaries Garden'. Relevant knews is on the website front page July news link. It explains why we have been slow replying to emails etc recently. Thanks for the patience and interest. Hope this answers your query. Nigel just said he played St Andrews in 1978 ish and wonders if there is a resistance from most folk clubs up there to 'English' artists as he says they were all told about the programmes and sent tapes of one of them and that only two out of thirty clubs were vaguely interested in a gig. He fell in love with the Highlands and would love to tour the village halls doing his visual and music type of gig. Byee and thanks, Margaret

-- Margaret Phillips (, August 02, 2000.

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