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What would it take to make you stay with a company that doesn't pay as well as you would like?

-- Anonymous, June 22, 2000


I don't think I've ever BEEN paid as well as I would like. (Sure, more is always better, but realistically I think I should be earning about $10-20,000 a year more than I am for the work that I do.)

But there are other considerations besides the money.

  • A sense that I'm respected by both peers and superiors.

  • The ability to trust my leaders to have my best interests in mind.

  • Managers who will stand behind their people when there are conflicts.

  • Satisfying work that counts for something beyond a paycheck.

  • Enough work but not too much.

  • Intelligent people to interact with through the work day.

    -- Anonymous, June 22, 2000

  • What he ^ said, plus:

    * a company within walking distance of my home, so I don't have to fight the rush hour subway crowd.

    * flex time, or the ability to telecommute.

    -- Anonymous, June 22, 2000

    I think you two have it pegged. My short list (a subset of a much larger wishlist) is having work that I think is meaningful in a positive way, feeling like my coworkers are a team - ie, no 'my job, your job' BS, but everyone working for a common goal, and respecting my intelligence.

    Respect is a damn big one with me lately.

    -- Anonymous, June 22, 2000

    Having painfully left a company last fall run by my two best friends simply because I wasn't making enough money to make ends meet & hubby had to leave his job to take his part-time business full-time before the stress gave him a stroke, I can truthfully say that even though a company can be great to work for, even if you're well-paid (which I wasn't), that's not always enough.

    In the last job, I had a short commute, good hours, interesting work, was richly appreciated for my skills and effort, but it wasn't enough: too much stress, not quite enough pay, no benefits, and in the end, I bailed to take a job 160 miles away from home with twice the pay, good benefits and ten times the responsibility in an area that I have the training and the aptitude for. I love the people I work with now, love the town I live in (Bend, OR) even though I drive home every Friday night and back on Sunday afternoon so I can spend time with my husband. He's better (loving his work & less stress), I'm better (no money worries, not worried about my husband falling over dead from a heart attack), and our family is better - the boys are discovering that relationships can be held together with love and communication.

    Would I have stayed with the other company if I made then what I make now? I'd like to think not: the stress was killing me. I love my friends dearly - even after me bailing on them, we are quite close because they understand why I had to do it - but I've learned that I can't be fiscally irresponsible out of commitment to others. I have to take care of me and mine first.

    -- Anonymous, June 23, 2000

    A job that means something. A job that contributes to society. I have had good and bad jobs before, all of which paid poorly (Science Research is not known for paying well). Now I am a High School Science teacher, love what I do, still grossly underpaid.

    -- Anonymous, July 04, 2000

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