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So, what bad things have YOU done?? Do tell. Don't worry, the Internet's't it? Excuse me, I have to move to a different country now.

-- Jenna (, June 22, 2000


I was set up and told on for selling weed even though I wasn't and I am on the run because I had just served my time for actaully selling weed and I had learned my lesson and had 5 years of probation to look forward to and I went on a vacation from wed night until sun but the thurs after I left the cops raided my house and found shit in my roomates room and put out a warrant for my arrest and they are trying to say that they had an informant buy weed from me in my house which never happened so I will be on the run until it gets cleared up or I get caught running

-- slim shady (, April 30, 2001.

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