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Hello, In 1973 my husband and I were members of a small British student work party which spent two weeks in Mwamashele Village, Shinyanga District. Those two weeks determined the rest of our lives! We both moved into work relating to developing nations. We two managed to revisit Mwamashele in 1975, but after that we had children and have not been able to return ... until now. We will be in Arusha around July 24-26, 2000 and have about one week to spare after that during which we would like to try to revisit Mwamashele. But how to discover whether this is possible, after so long? We need to know: 1. Is Mwamashele still there? 2. Is the road from Shinyanga town still passable? 3. Who can give us any information at all about the village? 4. Who do we need to approach for permission to visit? 5. How to get there? 6. And lots more!! If you have any contacts you can give me, or any helpful advice at all, please let me know. With very many thanks. Kind regards Veronica Birley

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-- Veronica Birley (, June 21, 2000


Hi veronica, Will you still be interested to re-visit mwamashele? If so let me know I will ask my dad, this guy knows all the back roads of shinyanga! he is from there specifically negezi next to ukenyenge.

I am supprised on your knowledge about mwamashele!! I went there with my parents, my mom is from there. I did not see much! but we had lots of fun!who do you know from mwamashele? other than that I may manage to send specific info on that area as my dad is a chief from the shinyanga region (negezi usia)& knows this area very well. let me know if you are interested & I will contact my parents, I'm sure they will be thrilled to help you out.

kwaheri ,

Kayange Makwaia.

-- Kayange Makwaia (, June 11, 2001.

I will be very happy to assist you in visiting there. I have relatives in Ukenyenge as u remember just a few kilometeres to Mwamashele.

I know the place very well and I can help you.

Kwa heri

-- (, October 21, 2001.

Yes, I know the place very well.I was there for construction of these rural roads. Also from Bariadi - Maswa Roads. approach samota one Construction. The leaders in these upasable roads.

-- Samota constructions - Oman Branch (, May 26, 2002.

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