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Two short questions...

1.Has anyone else noticed how much the guy on the cover of the Nightswimming single looks like the one on the cover of "OK Computer" by Radiohead?

2.Why wasn't New Test Leper ever released as a single? It's one of the best things R.E.M. have ever done, well, I think so anyway. It seems like a lot of their best tracks only appeared on albums, but there were always so many good ones to choose from I suppose...

-- Rob Fraser (, June 21, 2000


1. No 2. Hi Fi was an excellent album and I could think of nuimerous songs that could have been made into singles. I suppose it just didn't make the cut. E-Bow the Letter, So Fast So Numb, and Electrolite are also first rate songs. R.E.M. must have a dilemna when picking songs for singles. Take Automatic for example. Sweetness Follows, Try Not to Breathe, and Monty Got a Raw Deal would have been 1st rate singles as well. With a band like R.E.M. I'll just purchase the album anyway. You get all the good singles and the songs you feel deserve to be. Sorry that my answer was longer than the question. =)

-- Kent Stevens (, June 21, 2000.

Hey Rob, 1. I can only agree with you on that one. 2. Well, just see what Kent wrote, cause I don't wanna write the same as he did

-- Thomas Tefcke Pedersen (, June 22, 2000.

1. Don't you mean the cover of 'The Bends'? 2. It's quite possible for REM to close their eyes and pick singles at random from the track listings, since every song is captivating and excellent.

-- GJ (, July 19, 2000.

Yeah, sorry. I was thinking of the "Bends" album cover, I guess I don't know half as much about Radiohead as I do about REM!

-- Rob Fraser (, July 20, 2000.

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