What's the future of the RAYAC?

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Is there any truth to the existence of the RAYAC or is it an attempt to avoid dealing with the excluded young adult segment of our Zion?

-- Anonymous, June 21, 2000


It's hard to say. In my own local assembly of 140 members, only 5 are 18-30, and 2 of them are away at college. Perhaps this very special group is one that needs attention within our Zion. The Lord is often calling these young people right at the time that we send them into the world. There is so much to be done, and with their ideas and energy, there is so much potential they can bring to bear on our church's problems.

Have we as churches not lived lives that would encourage and commitment Young Adults to more active lives at his point in ther lives?

-- Anonymous, June 21, 2000

I cannot understand why the structure of the RAYAC was changed. Sout Africa, specifically the Cape Annual Conference we had just begun to make the RAYAC work. Then the structure changes , another organisation,another financial burden on the local church. My suggestion is that the RAYAC should be an umbrella body that overseas the youth and childrens ministries in the local church. The present structure is aburden and i don't know how many years it willl take to come off the ground.

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2000

Yes, there is a future - but what it looks like no one knows except us who have the opportunity, granted by God to make R.A.Y.A.C a success in our Zion. This is not an attempt to "marginalize" young adults but it is the attempt to make them included in the church structures & have full participation. The problem is, anything new introduced in calm waters makes unpleassant ripples and disturbs "the usual business".

God has spoken to the church, in granting the space - it is us , young adults to make use of this to the fullest & make R.A.Y.A.C prosper - we can no longer wait for others to take a step for us.

We know that our church structrue is normally managed top down but in the house of the Lord, ordinary poeple (bottom up) have even more clout than anyone else, another opportunity provided by God.

A farmer can never tell how much crop he will have until havest time is passed! What you're asking of R.A.Y.A.C's futer is to contravene the law of nature. Our task is to work at it,plough it, weed out, water it, fertilize it etc, through these hard labours God will bless us & make it Work.

This is what I call youth / young adult ministry.! No moarning /groaning and crying - Do something about it God will help you!

By the way - I am the Episcopal Treasurer, 19th Episcopal District contact me for more.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2000

I Do think it is time for the church to take notice of Young Adults and the great contributions they can make in the church. I have previously served as an Episcopal President, Connectional First Vice and Connectional President of the Young People's Division. There is a need for a networking organization for young adults.

So I will be officially, as of OCtober 2000, a candidate for the Office of Connectional President of the RAYAC. I believe God has given me and others the vision of an active young adult ministry in this ZION!!!!

I ask for your prayers, support and vote.


-- Anonymous, July 26, 2000

The future of the RAYAC has, in my opinion, never been as bright as it appears now. Because of this development young adults in our district have felt a sense of belonging and recognize that they are as much a component part of our great ZION as anyone else. To this end the 19th Episcopal District applauds the leadership of Bishop CG Henning, Sr, (the immediate past Prelate of the 19th District)for having recognized and supported the activities of the young adults. RAYAC is well and alive in the 19th District. I make this contribution as the current Episcopal President of the RAYAC, 19th Episcopal District.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2000

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