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I heard that R.E.M. have confirmed to take part in Pavarotti&Friends concert next year. Have any of you guys hear anything about that? If they're coming to Europe next year, maybe they'll play some other festivals, too? I surely hope so.

-- Meg (, June 21, 2000


I hope so to, but i haven't heard anything about it. But i guess that there could well be some kind of promotion tour for the new album, which will be out next year. I hope they do some festivals, they were magical at glastonbury last year.


-- mark (, June 22, 2000.

Yeah Meg. I'm the source of that information about Pavarotti & friends: I wrote it 4 the site of Jordan Macuseck. according to Il Corriere della Sera, the best Italian Newspaper, R.E.M. was contacted by Nicoletta Mantovani, manager of Pavarotti and they said "Yes" 4 the next year show. That's all. Hope this help.

-- Felice "Long John" Bagnato (, June 23, 2000.

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