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What is this?

An Electronic Journal,
but it is also much more.

It is programmed for Intranets and the Internet in HTML, JavaScript and Java and is designed to allow any team member keep track of a wide range of items and information.

The intention is to use technology in an effort to reduce rework and facilitate communication between the team members.

Keeping it simple ... so that one could quickly enter notes, ideas, commitments and follow-ups.

But with powerful view and follow-up featurers that would make this data entry worthwhile and helps keep everyone from reverting to using their pocket calendars, post-its, searching each others journals or calling each other at home or on a jobsite for one wee-little bit of information.

Items of all types, including information about meetings, projects, people, and tasks, are kept in a single database. This allows you to mix types of information on reports, and to access any information quickly.

Let me know what you think, and things that you would like to see added.

Some of the thing that are being investigated are:

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