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Does anyone know if Casey is a Lakers Fan? Curious, because I saw him at a club last night with his brother and Joquine Phoenix after the game, and wondered if he was just there to party, or if he is a Fan of the Champions!

-- curious LA chick (, June 20, 2000


what club was that? i'm relatively new to la, and beyond live music spots, i have no idea where to begin. any suggestions- preferably those that go beyond velvet-rope bs? (skybar sucks.) sorry for deviating from your question... i'm just likemindedly curious, and i'm, by the way (haha.. yeah, right..) only at this sight because a friend told me it was hilarious.

-- concurrently curious la chick (sorry@can', June 29, 2000.

I was at the Lakers game too when they won the Championship. When i heard Casey and Ben were there I was about to cry, i saw every other actor ever, and I didn't see my favorites Ben and Casey :( . . . . ok im over it! Where did they sit?

-- Tiffany (, July 17, 2000.

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