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Okay, here we go again.

I've decided to go with the Lafayette Reservoir location.

They have two reservable picnic areas: < 50 people - $150/day 50 - 200 people - $250/day

That includes picnic tables, bbq, and a place to set up things like a volleyball net.

Now we just need to decide on a date, and then I will create an invitation and start trying to get people's help to track down email addresses.

Potential dates: (all Saturdays) August 12 August 19th August 26 September 2 (labor day weekend) September 9 September 16th I know not everyone will be able to make the date we choose, but I thought I'd get a little feedback first.

I'm looking for volunteers to help with FOOD, and with CONTACTING PEOPLE. Let me know what you'd like to help with.

-- Cathy Pearl (, June 20, 2000


Woohoo, way to take charge and set a date for the reunion!

I was really hoping to go, but alas, won't be able to fly down and attend... I just got married in June, moved to Alaska last month (starting a new job at the University of Alaska Anchorage), bought a house, and now the bills are REALLY starting to pile on.

So I hope you take lots of pictures and put em up online!

cheers, Kenrick / Mach Three

-- Kenrick Mock (, August 22, 2000.

Well, it looks unlikely that I'll be able to make it, which bums me out even more since I just downloaded all of Nathan's videos.. VERY cool, thanks Nathan, if you're reading this.

Now, depending on how the rollout goes.. we're upgrading 200+ lab machines from NT4 to W2K.. I may still be able to make it, please forgive me if I dont send my 15 bucks in and I just show up, it means I decided the night before to catch a red-eye.. grin.

Clete Spehr University of North Texas General Access Lab Network Administrator

-- Clete Spehr (, August 25, 2000.

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