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June 19, 2000



--For the first time in history a bushel of corn is selling for less than a gallon of gasoline, notes the Illinois Corn Growers Association. They add: A bushel of corn is at $1.85. A gallon of gas is well over $2 a gallon in the Chicago. You get 2.6 gallons of ethanol from a bushel of corn. The group asks, "How does gallon of ethanol delivered to Chicago at a $1.28 to $1.32 a gallon translate into $2 gas?"--"

-- (, June 19, 2000


They can buy all the unleaded regular they want for July delivery on the NYMEX, $1.06 Friday close. The problem is how do you get it to Illinois.

Ignoring the pipeline disruptions to distribution should call into question anyone's integrity that fails to acknowledge it.

-- Tom Beckner (, June 19, 2000.

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