what goes in the database?

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Exactly what is going in the database? and what are we ranking the site on?

For instance, my first few sites have been a restaurant menu, a tourist guide to Sligo and now a tourist guide to Kilkenny. All are very pretty, but of little real benefit to a history researcher. I have been putting them under general interest and commerce, but should I be removing them altogether? It's hard to continue when you feel you might be making an error, do I plough ahead or is it a serious error to remove/not remove a site?

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2000


Jason, IrishKnowledge.com aims to be the most comprehensive and efficient means of locating Irish history related material online. If you come across a site which does not fill this criteria, remove it. If they are no benefit they are not of use. David

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2000

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