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I've really wanted to buy some Aeon Flux, but I don't understand the different options I have. Let me try to explain... There is one Aeon Flux DVD out. The problem is, I don't know if it contains all three seasons of Aeon on it (The first two seasons are from her Liquid Television shorts, while the third is her full length shows). If someone can assure me that it does indeed contain all three seasons on it, please let me know.

The other option is a set of 3 VHS tapes. I'm pretty sure that this does contain all three seasons, but I can't quite be sure of that.

If anyone can clear this up, please help me. I would much rather get the DVD if it contains all three seasons, but if it doesn't, then I'd rather get the VHS tapes.

BTW, I just copied and pasted this from another forum. I didn't get a straight answer there, but I had to explain as much as I could, so don't think that I'm trying to insult your Aeon knowledge by stating obvious things :P

-- Graham Matthews (, June 18, 2000


The three VHS tapes do indeed contain every bit of all three seasons. However, the DVD is merely the exact same thing as the first VHS tape - the one that is just called "Aeon Flux" with no subtitle ("Mission Infinite" and "Operative Terminus" are the other two). You will definitely want to get the regular videos from what you said, unless you just bought the DVD and the second two VHS tapes.

I own all three videos, so I am not worried about the DVD. I will probably rent it someday to see Flux in better quality, but that's about it.

-- John McDevitt (, June 18, 2000.

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