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-- Anonymous, June 18, 2000


Onteora Indians? Since there was no tribe of Onteora Indians, this can _only_ refer to the high school mascot. Perhaps Meg should have the Board clarify this?

For those who weren't there at the 6/6 Board meeting, I don't think I mentioned this on the BBS before (apologies if I'm repeating myself), but at that meeting I took Marty Millman to task for his assertion in the 6/6 Daily Freeman that the vote was 80/20. I asked him at the meeting during my speech if that figure attributed to him was correct. He mumbled something about "three-quarters, 80 percent..." and I then reminded him that the figures were actually 58/42 for the Perry and Walters races and 60/40 for his. Forty percent is a sizable chunk of the electorate, and double the small minority he was saying was against the mascot. I don't know if he was lying or confused, but as a pharmacist he has people's lives depending on him to accurately do grade school arithmetic. Remember these numbers, be willing to make corrections loudly. All the Board heard it, another speaker backed my math up, if they deviate from these figures again they are lying and need to be publicly corrected.

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2000

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