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I have a Linhof Tech IV I recently inherited with 90mm lens on recessed board. With the longer lens, the shutter is on a flat board and I can plug a sync cord right in. With the 90mm, the shutter is on a recessed board and the tight fit does not allow me to plug in the flash.

I have cut down the plug itself with a jeweler's saw (on the Paramount sync cord, not the flash contact on the lens) to decrease its clearance and carved as much of the rubber on top of the paramount sync plug as I could but it still will not mount.

99% of the time I use this lens with no flash so it hasn't come up in the three months I have owned it and the previous owner is no longer living so I can't ask him. Anyone else faced this dilemna? There is an adapter thing I can screw my cable release into to fire the shutter --- is there something else I can attach to allow me to plug in the sync? And finally, why the hell didn't Linhof make the flash plug on this lens point out at a 45 degree angle? I've seen that on some of their other shutters.

-- g.l. wurpen (, June 18, 2000


Properly mounted on a recessed board (001016 or 001015) all Linhof lenses have a 900 PC contact which is supplied with the board.

presumably you have a 001015 lensboard and the 90 is in a Compur shutter. You can order the 900 flash contact in the U.S. from Marflex at 973 808-9626.

If you have a Copal shutter then the board is the 001016 (note currently the 001016 has been modified so it accepts both brands of shutters) and the adapter is different but also available from marflex.

-- Bob Salomon (, June 18, 2000.

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