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I need information/critics about Poe's revenge in the short story "The Cask of Amontilldo." Any analysis about the thought, interpretation of the act and so on will be accepted.

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2000


Montresor,a Frenchman,plotted what he felt tobe the perfect "revenge with impunity", yet he failed. He got his redress in the guilt that he so obviosly felt and carried with him over the next fifty years.This is evidenced by the fact that half a century later, he is at last confessing, though we do not know to whom.As he murdered Fortunato, he also murdered what was best in himself, which relates back to his coat of arms where both the person whose foot stepped on the snake must die with the snake he killed, as the snakes fangs were embedded within his heel.

-- Anonymous, October 24, 2003

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