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I am considering buying the above lens (~ $350). I am new to LF and do not have much knowledge re lens. This will be used on Toyo 45 AII for a variety of purposes.(I am a confirmed medium telephoto addict) Would be interested in others experience.???weight,length, accuracy, alternative selections. Thanks for your help.

-- Art Sands (, June 18, 2000


See the Telephoto Portrait Lenses for 4x5 thread on this forum about this subject.

I have no knowledge about the Rotelar 270mm lens, and wonder if this lens was designed for the smaller formats, such as the Graflex XL series, and will not sufficiently cover 4x5. For $350 I would think you can do much better with a long focus lens in the 240mm range.

Your 45AII Toyo has about the same bellows limitationas as does my Crown Graphic, so one has to choose lenses more carefully. I can run a Nikkor-M 300 on my Crown and still focus closer, but not to portrait ranges.

-- Bruce Gavin (, June 18, 2000.

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